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How to Transition Careers the Unconventional Way

Learn the framework we used to transition in to more fulfilling careers and reach 6-figure incomes - with no previous industry experience

Anisa Sanipe - 3Skills Co-Founder
We have helped candidates transition
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It's time to pivot out of the career you stumbled into!

Since 2019, we have helped more than 200 employees transition into more fulfilling careers with better pay.

You will learn how to

Find high paying roles that are not publicly available

80% of jobs are never advertised online! So even if you don't see roles online that you can transition into, you will be able to find them after this masterclass

Use your past work experience to your advantage

Translate your unique past experiences in a way that positions you as the best candidate in any pool of candidates even if you don't feel qualified

Negotiate your 6-figure compensation package

​​​​​​​Find extremely accurate salary information from trusted sources inside companies and negotiate 50-100% higher compensation than your current role
3SKills Co-Founders - Joshua Alawode, Marianne Encina, Anisa Sanipe & Tobi Oluwole

Who are the 3Skills Co-Founders?

Josh, Marianne, Anisa & Tobi created 3Skills in 2019 to help candidates become the most employable version of themselves. All 4 of the co-founders have pivoted in their careers within the past 4 years.

Josh became a Senior Software Engineer at Slack then Stripe after working as a mechanical engineer. Marianne is now a Recruiter at Shopify after beginning her career as a financial advisor.

Anisa was an elementary school teacher and is now a Marketing Director at Konabos. And Tobi started his career in tech sales and transition into Merchant Success at Shopify.

Since then, 3Skills has helped over 200 people transition into more fulfilling careers.

Are you ready to pivot into a career that gives you the fulfillment and salary that you deserve?

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"Project Pivot helped me successfully transition from a Program Coordinator role to a Social Media Officer role with a 57% increase in compensation - in less than 5 weeks."

- Beatriz E.
"I was able to land a 6-figure tech sales role in less than 7 weeks! I had spent 4 years in business to consumer sales but found it unfulfilling. Then in Project Pivot, I learned how to communicate my value to employers.

- Firas